What is the best shampoo for Shih tzu?

best shampoo for shih tzu
best shampoo for shih tzu

Looking for the Best shampoo for Shih Tzu puppies, here you are. Maintain good skin and health coat. Keep them off from irritating chemicals.

When you buy a Shih Tzu puppy for your matrimonial house. Then you have this great reason to treat them like your companion with the best shampoo for Shih Tzu. As we all know Shih Tzu brand is not for hunting in the forest but as a lover. Shih Tzu puppy is sole companion, happy and affectionate. Shih Tzu will never stay indoors. They love being out of the house with their people from one place to another. Though there are still some who have adopted indoor culture.
Since Shih Tzu will be out most of the time, then you must ensure their excellent health with the best shampoo. In this entire article, we are going to dwell much on the best shampoo products for your Shih Tzu puppy. There are various types and versions of shampoo for Shih-Tzu. Thus you need to choose the best and natural shampoo. In our research, we have found 6 shampoos much worth using to all 200 breeds available for Shih Tzu puppies.



Manufacturers have made the best Shih Tzu puppy shampoos with a lot of professionalism. They have made it to remove the accumulating dust, removing dead hair and bad smell as well. There will be no need for regular bathing the Shih Tzu if you keep brushing their hair. This will allow their fur and coat in good condition. But if the Shih Tzu spends much of the time outdoor, you have no choice but to bath them regularly.
Let’s discuss what can happen if you don’t bath your Shih Tzu with right and best shampoo for Shih Tzu. Like all the human’s skins, the Shih Tzu skin is protection is from the layer known as mantle acid. This is a shield that protects the skin from bacterial, viruses, and pollution from the external environment. Moreover, when we take a shower, the soap and shampoo leave the skin exposed from all the dangers. Thus recommendable in not only using specific shampoo but also best and quality shampoo for your Shih Tzu.



In our best shampoo for Shih Tzu that we are recommending is a fantastic, attractive and calming scent. This gives your little lion a character of calmness during bath time. It’s well known that many of the dogs dislike the shower time and two Shih Tzu they double the dislike. It’s not yet well known about the character but that has come to the attention of all the manufactures. As a result of that discouraging character, may of the best Shih Tzu like we are going to mention have stated including soothing scent.


The answer here is NO? You should select the best shampoo for Shih Tzu depending on the coat type of Shih Tzu. Avoid completely using shampoos used by humans as they are allergic to them. Let’s understand this way, the skin and hair of Shih Tzu are completely different from that of humans. The layer that I talked about earlier before in this article has a pacific PH. It differs from that of humans and that of Shih Tzu. For the skin to be healthy, you must marinate the PH.
The Shih Tzu PH lies between 5.2 and 7.5 alkaline or neutral while ours lies between 5.5 and 6.2 acidic. Most of the shampoos for dogs PH lies between 7 and 7.5. This PH value is favorable for their skin while our shampoos are more acidic. That may damage that coat covering the skin of Shih Tzu. This creating a highway for viruses, bacteria, and parasites as well. Hence coursing dehydration, dermatitis, and even shedding off the outer skin. Use the best puppy shampoo for Shih Tzu.
The Shih Tzu hair requires high-level maintenance. That will prompt you to use the special best shampoo for Shih Tzu. That will keep their hair in excellent condition. The secondary layer of fur, found on the skin protects them from whether increment and insects as well. The Shih Tzu is commonly associated with skin issues. This is as a result of low-quality shampoos and conditioners.


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  • The shampoo Contains extract of chamomile with a natural botanical, calendula cactus, and colloidal oatmeal. Which contains a fir oil needle as well as aloe vera.
  • This luxurious moisturizes as well as nourishing the skin and gently conditioning the coat with naturally produced oil.
  • The shampoo act well in as natural cleaner which is excellent for dry and itchy skin sensitive.
  • This will leave it fresh and clean.
  • The skin will be smooth and manageable with no chemicals that are harsh and irritating.
  • The manufacturer has made it a product that is topical free. The shampoo will not terminate the protection from coat natural oils.
  • Compatible with over 200 breeds that are safe with flea and ticks topical and cucumber melon scent-8 oz. that makes it the best puppy shampoo for Shih Tzu.
  • This is the product manufacturers are from the USA. That ensuring the confidence of using the best shampoo for Shih Tzu. All the shampoo made from federally regulated manufacturing facilities is 100% satisfied.
  • They ensure excellent service of the customer and return policy.
  • Two in one white dog’s formula;

     this is deep cleansing shampoo and softening combined together into one. This is a gentle and soothing formula specially formulated for dogs with white fur and coat. 
  • Deeply cleans and whitens yet gentle:

     this is whitening shampoo as well as a conditioner. It deeply cleanses but still remains gentle on the skin. This formula which is gentle is PH balanced. It includes aloe Vera hence not drying out the coat and will instead have soothing and moisturizing effects. This product only contains natural, deep cleansing ingredients that enhance and bring out the brightness in white dogs. 
  • A fragrance that is long-lasting and tear-free:

    this product formula is the best puppy shampoo as it is tearless. Thus no need to worry about soap getting intact with your fur baby’s eyes. This dog whitening conditioner formula will always fight the unwanted odor. The formula will always leave a long-lasting clean fragrance that adheres to the coat up to weeks’ time.
  • For all types of skin conditions:

     this formula is great for dogs that are sensitive in their skin. It also cures the dry skins, removal of dandruff, hot spots, rashes, itchiness, and any other skin ailments. That makes it the best dog shampoo.
  • All-natural and safe for dogs:

     this dog whitening shampoo and conditioner is highly fortified with natural fruits extracts. These are extracts of plants and oils that are safe for your Shih Tzu. Does not contain any harmful bleaching or whitening agents 

This best shampoo for Shih Tzu as it that texturizes the pets and cat’s skin. This is with silky proteins, deodorizers, and conditioners which is non-oil and does not lay their hairs down.

  • appearance & smell: 

    it’s perfect in cleansing and re-moisturizing the body leaving an amazing long-lasting fragrance
  • Concentrate: 

    it’s dilute up twenty-four that simply means one plum silky for many pet shampoos.
  • Why nature’s specialties:

     this product is well known as premium products in the grooming industry for pets and dogs. Many groomers and pet-loving customers are using the product.

What makes this shampoo and conditioner best for Shih Tzu is; the availability of silky proteins. it has long-lasting fragrance add highlights as well as a body great texturing shampoo cleans and re-moisturizers.

It’s gentle and very effective: 

this best shampoo for Shih Tzu is very gentle which deeply cleanse. It’s made of lavender as well as coconut oils. This has proven effective in keeping away the flea and ticks from your Shih Tzu. The aloe Vera, as well as natural oatmeal, will keep your Shih Tzu hair and coat healthy, soft as well as shiny. For dogs, cats, and pets as well are very safe in using it.

Calming irritating skin:

it can be frustrating for your Shih Tzu if suffering from allergies and itch dry skins. The natural oatmeal available in our product as well as aloe Vera moisturizes the skin of the dogs. Moisturizes the dogs that are very sensitive on their skin issuing them with the relief they deserve.

Keep your Shih Tzu smelling fresh:

the product formula will leave your Shih Tzu smelling and feeling fresh all day long. It eases the pain, relieves the stress as well as a disinfectant. The great work of coconut oil is to reduce inflammation as well as boosting the immune system of your Shih Tzu.

Money-back guarantee:

the money-back is there to make sure if you are not satisfied with the product you can receive a full refund. Why not use the best puppy shampoo for Shih Tzu.

Is gentle healing:

 this is antiphrastic and antiseborrheic medicated veterinary formula and clinical care for pets. The formula has the coal tar as well as salicylic acid and sulfur that cares for your Shih Tzu. This formula treats Shih Tzu skin scaling resulted in the effect of seborrhea. The mange relieves as well as other infections from parasites as well as treating fungal, bacterial that can read to infections. Promote healing by colloidal oatmeal and Allenton hydrate skin. 

It Acts speedy this medicated best shampoo for Shih Tzu and dogs act fast in helping to relive the scalp rashes that inflame. it heals the spots known as bald, itchiness and skin having flask dermatitis associated. The mange, seborrhea as well as parasitic, and bacterial infections are also taken care of. Ensure the use of this best puppy shampoo for Shih Tzu up to 3 times per week. Use it gradually as the skin improves.

Recommendation from veterinary: 

Considerably, this veterinary formula is paraben and dye as well as soap-free. It will never try to remove the topical spot-on flea and tick treatments. The formula has proved to treat fungal and bacterial infections on the skin. The skin scaling caused by seborrhea, and parasitic infections like mange.

  • Is the formula for dogs and pets: 

    This medicated ant parasitic is only formulated specifically for 12 and above weeks old. It is PH balanced for your sensitive skin for your pets. The relief from symptoms leaves your Shih Tzu happy and you as well. Amazing for pets with allergic as well as yeasty skin thus making it best shampoo for Shih Tzu.
  • It’s affordable and very effective: 

    the formula recommended and made by the veterinary are accessible price. They know that pets are more than pets because they are pet’s parents too.


If I may ask why do you also take a shower? Not just a Shih Tzu but also other pets need a shower. This is for the reasons that we are going to discuss below. You, Shih Tzu, is a little lion, you love and a companion gets them clean. Why should you clean them? Let gets started understanding why you should not forget to use this amazing best shampoo for Shih Tzu.

  • Shih Tzu will take a shower to remove body oil. It happens around the layer or clock. The pores produce oil that is natural out of the skin pores and servers as a natural protectant. But this protectant will not evaporate, it will keep accumulating. If this oil is not properly washed off it starts smelling bad once it’s enough of its build-up.

To wash of sweats, predominantly dog sweats through sweats glands on the paws and nose

Wash your Shih Tzu to remove dirt and tiny particles from the coat. This includes food bits and irritants such as pollen and row care products?

  • Washing your Shih Tzu will help the skin keep balanced and properly moisturized to prevent dry and irritated skin.
  • Your Shih Tzu hair will be kept healthy and properly moisturized to prevent split ends and poor texture.
  • It will help treat any existing issues such as allergy-related problems, skin yeast infections, and more
  • To remove, odors, and help keep a Shih Tzu smelling nice.

Shih Tzu tangling hair

Before we bath with the best shampoo for Shih Tzu, let’s first take look on how to maintain their hair. This is because they are practically custom made to tangle. If you are not careful enough with your Shih Tzu hair, you might realize later after things are very messy. They require a lot of constant grooming to detangle them. If maybe you can’t afford to groom dairy your Shih Tzu opts to trim their hair.


Shortening the Shih Tzu hair is becoming popular among the owners. The look or their appearance is more unique than their normal look having their iconic flowing long hair. Now you can groom them once a week with short hair to keep them in good shape.

If not, then count everyday friendship with your brush to have your Shih Tzu hair groomed up to the tail. This is a process that your Shih Tzu will love and enjoy. If you continually and tirelessly groom from a young age, up to adult age.

This is a process that should follow emergently after getting Shih Tzu at home.

If not do it the next day and make it a routine. Let that stick in your diary and make it your style of living. It’s very easy to get your Shih Tzu to learn gradually by treating, and rewarding them. That will make them allow you to touch their ears, paws, and tails.

Sometimes when grooming their hair, it can become distractive to young Shih Tzu. That will force you to temporally remove the brush and use your hands to have them groomed. Your hands do almost nothing compared to what the brush can do. This is in terms of detangling the hair and caring for the coat. It does best is desensitizing them, feeling rubbed during the session of grooming.

Introduce the brush again and again as you watch their reaction until the Shih Tzu gets used to brushes. Remember to reward them as you gradually introduce the brushes. The easier it will be if you groom the lying on their side. This is because of the nature of their long hair. That helps you get to every single hair more effectively and the style is more comfortable for your Shih Tzu. Teach your Shih Tzu as early as possible to lie on their sides as you groom them.


You little lion Shih Tzu often do well in the kitchen sink or in a small bathtub placed in the bathing full-sized. Make bathing interesting to Shih Tzu so that they are well tolerated as the time goes on. The adults about 10 lbs that have shown high tolerance on water and general love, and scrubbed with the best shampoo can do well in full-sized bathtubs.


  • For medium to long coats comb
  • Thin and small washcloths (two are enough)
  • Best puppy shampoos for Shih Tzu
  • Absorbent towel (should be quality)


First and foremost is to ensure the tub you are going to use to bath your Shih Tzu is completely clean. Ensure it’s free from soap or any cleaning product residue.

With a reach of your dominant hand, have all your Shih Tzu bathing requirements supplies ready and into place.

Detangle the Shih Tzu hair by combing the coat but not necessary for the Shih Tzu with trimmed hair. For Shih Tzu with medium and long, it will be better to look at any single tangled hair. Remove the dead skin and apply the best shampoo for Shih Tzu.

 If you come into contact with a mat please take care of it first before moving with shampoo.

This is because it can get worse in that process of shampooing our best shampoo for Shih Tzu. There may be a need to place small pieces of cotton into the outer ears canal of your Shih Tzu. This is if they move a lot during the bath or to Shih Tzu with ear infections. This is to prevent water from flow inside the ears. Your sink does not have non-slip elements? Then there the needs come to place the mat or towel at the base in helping your Shih Tzu from slipping. It’s very important so as to avoid hurting your Shih Tzu.

Your water should be lukewarm neither cold nor hot, should be there in between. Add the tub with few inches of this water and check this water with using your wrist. Please note that warm water gives your Shih Tzu chills. Hot water course cuticles on the hair of your Shih Tzu. This may not work well with your best shampoo for your Shih Tzu.

Is our Shih Tzu clean? Can we dry them?

Now our Shih Tzu is well cleaned. To avoid them stay with wet hair lets dry them. We have two options to dry our Shih Tzu.

  • Air drying /towel drying
  • Blow drying

In choosing one of the methods will highly depend on the largeness of the coat of your Shih Tzu. The tolerance of having to dry them will also matter.

Air drying

Having a Shih Tzu with short hair is an option that many owners recommend. It’s a much popular option for adult Shih Tzu and it is a very easy method. this is if at all you won’t be out on chilly days with your Shih Tzu before the coat is dry. The absorbent towel you are going to use will blot as well as dabbing the coat to remove the excess water. Be cautioned not to coat rubbing as it can expose the coat to damages using the towel.

Blow drying 

Still working in the section, the coat should be mist with your chosen leave-in. you should hold the bottle away in about 6 inches and spray 1 inch from the root. Ensure the separation of all hairs and circulation of conditioners. Adjust your blow-dryer heat to warm but not hot, and hold it away to a 5 inch from Shih Tzu. Move it in all sides your hand working through the hair of your Shih Tzu.

Once you dry your Shih Tzu coat, is now dry enough for separation. Rap it off by utilizing the pin brush when the Shih Tzu coat is drying. If you encounter with any area in need of its light amount of additional spray of the coat.


Your little lion is ready to enjoy the rest of the day with you indoors and outdoors. Make them happy and reward them when they do something amazing. Treat them with the best shampoo for Shih Tzu when washings them and make it a habit. Use the best products to keep your Shih Tzu in a good health state.

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