Why Some Shih Tzu Prefer Not to be Hugged

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Our Shih Tzus actually might be our best friends. Typically, we feel like we want a hug, and we assume that our four-legged associates want one, too. It’s straightforward to host the concept that all of us have hugged our dog at one time or one other. Maybe we loved that hug far more than our pet? Did we ever take the time throughout that squeeze of affection and appreciation to note if our Shih Tzu was having fun with it as we have been? In all probability, no. Your canine might have been displaying an outstanding feat of endurance and probably felt very uncomfortable with the state of affairs. Let’s discover this thought additional.



The Reality about Shih Tzu Hugging
Most dogs should not be large on hugging. Many Shih Tzus will let you know instantly that you’re crossing a boundary they aren’t prepared to take part in. Others will tolerate the second. In fact, it has to be stated that others do get pleasure from that intimate embrace with their best friend. You will need to understand that just because your canine doesn’t go for an affectionate embrace, doesn’t imply they love you any less. Shih Tzu, like people, is hard-wired in another way.
Dog don’t hug one another as a show of affection. They convey their feelings by using scent and physical language. If a dog places a leg or two over the shoulder of one other canine, they’re making an attempt to show management or superiority. This being the case, how do dogs interpret our loving hugs? Do they assume we’re exhibiting our domination, assertiveness or control? Your hug might appear threatening to an animal that doesn’t wish to be dominated in any manner, by anybody. So, how have you learned in case your Shih Tzu enjoys a hug or not?
Get to Know Your Canine
Be constantly alert to your Shih Tzu’s physique language as a result of it might educate you a lot of issues. If you’re not sure about your pet’s response, have somebody snap a photograph of the occasion and research it. It isn’t always straightforward to determine anxiousness or worry in our Shih Tzu. In actuality, you may detect these traits using ear positioning, eyes, tongues, and lips. While you hug your dog, watch their physique language. If they lean away, mouth closed, the likelihood is they aren’t snug. If they lean into you with mouth open, the likelihood is they’re naturally active with the hug.

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